Frequently Asked Questions

For which ski resorts can I order ski tickets?

All ski resorts for which you can buy ski tickets at can be found on our website under the heading Ski Resort Overview «All Ski Resorts».

How can I order a ski ticket?

To order a ski ticket, you need a customer account on and a Skicard equipped with an RFID chip (a Skidata Skicard or a SwissPass) as data carrier. Once you have your Skicard, register it in your customer account under «Skicards»/«Add new Skicard».

When ordering your ski ticket, first select the ski resort and the relevant start date. Next, assign the ski ticket to an already registered Skicard. If you are not yet in possession of a Skicard, you can obtain the Ticketcorner Skicard in various ways:

1. Select the option «Order new Skicard» under «Add method of delivery» in the order process. You will receive the Ticketcorner Skicard by post with a delivery time of at least three working days. Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays will be dispatched on the following working day.

2. If you do not want to wait for the Ticketcorner Skicard to be sent by post, select the option «Assign Skicard later». You can then conveniently buy your Ticketcorner Skicard at a selected k kiosk, avec-Shop, or Press & Books store.

Please note: In both cases, after receipt, you must register the Ticketcorner Skicard in your customer account under «Skicards» in the item «Add new Skicard» and then load the ski ticket onto the Skicard under «My account»/«Ski tickets».

You can find a list and information about all available Skicards on the detail page of your desired ski resort.

What is a selectable day ski tickets?

The selectable day ski ticket is a 1-day ski ticket that doesn't have to be used on a specified date. You can redeem it starting on the selected day until the end of the current winter season. This offers you the advantage that you don’t have to commit to the exact date of your skiing day but can instead go according to the weather and enjoy yourself on the spur of the moment.

Please note that the booking date is always displayed as the start date for the selectable day ski ticket. This is because the selectable day ski ticket is transferred directly to the mountain railway.

Once you have loaded a selectable day ski ticket onto a Skicard, you should not load any date-specific ski tickets for the same ski resort on the same Skicard because the gate cannot recognise which ski ticket is now to be used.

Selectable day ski tickets expire at the end of the ski season in a ski resort. Please note that the season can also end early because of unforeseen events and that no refunds are available for selectable day ski tickets should the ski season end early.

Once a selectable day ski ticket has been assigned to a Skicard, the Skicard can no longer be changed because the ticket data has already been transferred to the ski resort. If, for any reason, you still need to change the Skicard, please contact Customer Services.

What are dynamic prices?

The dynamic prices are calculated on a daily basis. Various factors such as the season, the day of the week, the weather, and piste conditions are taken into account. However, one thing will always apply: the more in advance you secure your ski ticket, the more you can save.

How are ski resorts with dynamic prices recognised?

The largest ski resorts with dynamic prices are Andermatt-Sedrun-Disentis, and Gstaad. Increasingly more mountain railways are relying on dynamic prices. The offer therefore changes from season to season. You can identify dynamic ski resorts in the online shop in the price display. The dynamic ski resorts have a price chart showing the price per day. Ski resorts with fixed prices do not have price charts.

Which ski ticket offers can I order at Ticketcorner?

Ticketcorner offers you various ski tickets online. For example, you can order morning or afternoon ski tickets, one-day ski tickets, or ski tickets for up to 14 days. We also offer the option to order a selectable day ski ticket at numerous ski resorts. This offers you the advantage that you don’t have to commit to the exact date of your ski day but can go according to the weather and have fun spontaneously.

The corresponding product range, which we are contractually allowed to sell on behalf of the mountain railway, can be found on the respective ski resort page. The ski resorts reserve the right to sell some products only directly at the ski lift (cash desk or online shop). If a product cannot be found on our website, it cannot be purchased via our online shop.

Why do I have to log in to add ski tickets to the shopping basket?

By logging in, we save you having to re-enter all the Skicard numbers every time you place an order. This is the only way we can directly show you the registered Skicards in your account so that you can select them and load them with ski tickets without any further effort. In addition to your own, you can also save all your friends’ Skicards in your account and load them with ski tickets.

Can I pay for my ski ticket order by voucher?

You can pay your order by redeeming one or multiple ski ticket vouchers. Please note that you cannot use Ticketcorner Event vouchers for ski ticket orders. You can enter your ski ticket voucher number in the shopping basket during the order process in the field marked «Voucher?». Enter your ski ticket voucher number. After entering the voucher code and clicking on «Apply», the amount of the voucher will be deducted from the total amount. The total amount will be updated and displayed in your order overview.

Did my order go through?

Every correctly completed order will be confirmed by email. Please also check your spam folder.

To view your orders, log in and click on «My account». There you will find an overview of your orders in the «Orders» tab.

As long as the status of your order is «Pending», you still have to assign your order to a Skicard. We also recommend that you print out the order confirmation and take it with you to the ski resort. If there is no order in your account, please check your credit card details and place the order again.

Why don’t I see my order in my account?

Have you received an order confirmation by email?

If yes:
Make sure you have logged into the correct customer account. Are you in the right customer account and Ticketshop?

If no:
If you have logged into the correct customer account and cannot see an order, the order did not go through. Before placing another order, please also check your email inbox and your spam folder

What is a Skicard?

The Skicard is a physical ticket carrier on which ski tickets can be loaded via our online shop The Skicard has no expiry date and can be registered in various customer accounts and used for all bookable ski resorts. Each Skicard is personalised. In other words, you need as many Skicards as the number of winter sports enthusiasts.

Which Skicards can be used to order a ski ticket?

A list of the Skicards that can be used is found on the respective overview page of the ski resort.

Because there are different entry systems, not all RFID cards can be used in every ski resort. We therefore recommend that you use the Ticketcorner Skicard. This Skicard works in all ski resorts offered in the online shop.

If available, ski tickets can also be loaded onto your SwissPass. Please check under the ski resort information of the respective ski resort whether the SwissPass can be used as a Skicard in the desired ski resort.

How do I order a Skicard?

You can purchase the Skicards directly in our ski ticket online shop or in the app. To do this, simply click on the «Skicards» tab in our online shop, select the desired number of Skicards, and add them to your shopping basket. Please note that the shipping of the Skicards requires at least three working days.

If you select the option «Assign Skicard later» during the ski ticket booking process, you can buy your Ticketcorner Skicard at the nearest k kiosk, avec-Shop, or Press & Books store. The next step is to allocate the ski ticket to the newly purchased Skicard, either in our online shop or in the Ticketcorner Ski App under «My account» / «My Ski tickets».

When will I receive the Skicard I’ve ordered?

Delivery takes at least three working days provided the order was placed from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). International delivery can take up to seven working days. In case of non-receipt, please inform us via customer service. For orders placed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays, the Skicards will be dispatched on the following working day.

How do I register a new Skicard in my account?

The Skicard is marked with a TC number with which it can be registered under «My Account» under the item «Skicards». It can then be used immediately to order ski tickets.

How do I get to the slopes?

After a successful order, the gates recognise your Skicard and open automatically on the selected day. To be granted access to the ski slope, hold the Skicard against the access gate for about five seconds.

You will also receive an order confirmation by email. To be on the safe side, print out the confirmation, and take it with you on the ski day

Please note that the purchased ski ticket must be loaded onto the Skicard for the gate to open automatically on the ski day.

What do I do if my Skicard does not work at the entrance?

Please go to the ticket office of the mountain railway with your Skicard and the printed order confirmation. Once your order has been verified, you will receive a corresponding free ticket from the mountain railway. If your order cannot be verified and you need to buy new ski tickets on site, please send us the refund form immediately by e-mail to After that, the amount will be refunded to you.

How can I unsubscribe from my ski newsletter?

You can easily unsubscribe from the ski newsletter under «My account». To do this, remove the corresponding tick in the «Newsletter» tab, and confirm this by clicking on «Confirm». Please note that the ski newsletter will always inform you about new offers and promotions.

What are Skipoints, and how can they be redeemed?

For every Swiss franc you spend on ski tickets using the Ticketcorner Ski App and in the ski ticket web shop, you will receive one Skipoint from the beginning of December 2017.

Skipoints can be redeemed for discounted ski tickets and vouchers from our partners (e.g. Ochsner Sport). Further information

What is the Ticketcorner Ski App?

With the Ticketcorner Ski App, you can get our ski ticket online shop on your smartphone. Thanks to useful features such as the Skicard scanner, there is no quicker, easier, and more convenient way to get your ski ticket. You can find more information and all the functions here. The app serves as a quick and uncomplicated booking platform. Changes to data can be made only via the website.

Where can I download the Ticketcorner Ski App?

You can download the Ticketcorner Ski App free of charge from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

What does the order option «Assign Skicard later» mean?

It means you are ordering your ski tickets without the Skicard. After purchase, your ski tickets are listed in your account under «Ski tickets». Instead of waiting for the mail, buy your Skicard at the nearest k kiosk, avec-Shop, or Press & Books shop, and load the ski ticket onto the Skicard.

Can I buy my ski ticket at the k kiosk, avec-Shop, or Press & Books store?

Only Ticketcorner Skicards can be purchased at the k kiosk, avec-Shop, or Press & Books Store. Purchasing ski tickets or collecting them is not possible.

You buy the ski tickets via or via the app and then load them onto the Skicard.

The big advantage is that you can pick up your Skicard directly at the k kiosk, avec-Shop, or Press & Books store without having to wait for it to be delivered by mail.

Can ski tickets also be purchased at

Ski tickets are sold exclusively via our own ski ticket online shop or the Ticketcorner Ski App.

Can Ticketcorner event tickets also be loaded onto the Skicard?

No, the card is for ski tickets only.

Is the ski ticket purchased at Ticketcorner also available on the Skicard?

No, each ski ticket purchased must be loaded onto ach Skicard by you. With the Ticketcorner Ski App, this can be done in seconds.

Can several ski tickets be loaded onto one Skicard?

Yes, any number of ski tickets can be loaded onto one Skicard as long as they are each valid on a different day. Once you have loaded a selectable day ski ticket onto a Skicard, you should not load any date-specific ski tickets for the same ski resort on the same Skicard because the gate cannot recognise which ski ticket is now to be used.

Can ski tickets loaded on one Skicard be transferred to another Skicard?

Yes, in your account under «Ski tickets». Ski tickets can be loaded onto another Skicard up to 36 hours before the ski ticket becomes valid. This comes handy when you brought the wrong Skicard by mistake, for example.

It cannot be done within the 36 hours, however, as the data transfer is not guaranteed.

Important: With selectable day ski tickets, changing the Skicard is no longer possible after a Skicard has been assigned.

Which methods of payment can I use for Ticketcorner?

Complete your order conveniently by credit card, Twint or PostFinance Card. You can pay in selected shops with SwissPass «purchase by invoice».

Why should I take out ticket insurance?

The SkiEasy ski ticket insurance includes additional services for your perfect ski day. Not only the ski ticket is insured, but also a booked ski course or ski rental equipment. This also applies to your journey if, for example, the ski resort cannot be reached by train or car. In addition, costs will be refunded if less than 20% of the ski lifts are open. The costs are now CHF 4 per ski day and person. You can find more information here.

What happens to the ski tickets if I cannot be on the slopes for health reasons?

In principle, every purchase is considered binding and cannot be cancelled and refunded. The decision about a refund of already purchased ski tickets will be made by the mountain railway. We recommend that you take out SkiEasy ski ticket insurance for CHF 4 per ski day and person.

You can find more information here.

Can I load my ski ticket onto a SwissPass?

Yes, a SwissPass can be added and registered in the customer account under «Skicards»/«Add new Skicard».

Who should I contact if I have a problem booking a ski ticket?

If you have any problems during the booking process, please contact Ticketcorner Customer Service.

Not all ski resorts are bookable. Why is that?

Ticketcorner has signed contracts with around 60 ski resorts in Switzerland. The portfolio is continually being expanded to offer you a wide range of skiing experiences. The point in time of the booking approval as well as the products that can be sold through us will be communicated directly by the respective mountain railway. As soon as this has been done, the ski resort will be released for booking. If your desired ski resort is not yet included, this ski resort is currently not bookable with us.

What happens to the ski tickets I’ve booked in the event of an irregularity on the part of the mountain railway?

Booked ski tickets remain valid and cannot be refunded. The decision on any refund lies with the relevant mountain railway. The General Terms and Conditions of the booked mountain railway apply. Returns, refunds, and/or exchanges will be made only after consultation with and consent of the respective mountain railway. Ticketcorner has no influence on this decision.

In principle, there are no refunds for selectable day ski tickets.

Are there gift vouchers?

You can order ski ticket vouchers and ski ticket voucher sets directly from your customer account. You can find more information here.

Can I book ski tickets for other people? Does everyone need their own ski card?

You can purchase ski tickets for yourself and others via your customer account. Please note that each ski ticket booked for the same day/date must be assigned to its own Skicard. This can be done directly during the order process or later in «My account»/«Ski tickets».

It is important that each person can identify themselves in the ski resort with their own Skicard. This means that each person needs their own Skicard.

In order to differentiate the Skicards, we recommend that you assign a name to the Skicards directly after entering them in the customer account. These names will help you to distinguish the Skicards and can be changed at any time in the customer account.

How do I get the Live Club discount?

Once you have logged in to with your Ticketcorner login, you will automatically be recognised as a Live Club member and receive a 20% discount on ski tickets at selected ski resorts. It is important that you log in with the Ticketcorner login and the same email address with which your email address are registered as a Live Club member.

Please note that the number of reduced ski tickets per selected ski resort is limited. If a discount no longer appears at an eligible ski resort, the limit has been reached.

Where can I find the ski resort information?

Go to the desired ski area and click on «Ski Resort Info». All available information such as piste map, altitude of the ski area, valid Skicards, and much more is displayed.

Are there discounts for different age groups?

The age information and reductions for special ski tickets (children, adolescents, seniors) are displayed directly on the respective mountain railway overview pages. To do this, enter your desired date and all available ski tickets for that date, including age information, will appear.

What are the advantages of booking via is the leading provider of ski tickets in Switzerland. Here you can book your ski tickets in a matter of seconds without queuing at the mountain railway ticket office and without having to deposit your Skicards. All you need is a customer account and a Skicard from Ticketcorner. Queuing was yesterday. With us, you can go straight to skiing enjoyment :)

How can I reset my password? I have forgotten my access data.

To do this, go to and select «Login» at the top right. Click on the login with which you have set up the customer account. Enter the email address you used to register, and click on «Reset your password». You must now enter your email address and click on the button «Send e-mail to reset password». You will now receive a link with which you can set the new password.

How can I delete my customer account?

If you wish to delete your customer account, please contact our customer service. We will be happy to arrange for the deletion of your account.

Please note that due to data protection regulations, we are required to request proof of your identification. Please send us a copy of your ID card by post to:

Ticketcorner AG
Consumer Services / Ski
8153 Rümlang